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Denton County, Texas - Sex Offenders

Sex Offenders

Denton County
Registered Sex Offenders Listing

Sex offenders in Denton County who reside outside of a municipality are required by law to register with the Denton County Sheriff's Office.  Sex offenders who reside within municipalities are required to register with the police department within that jurisdiction.  Only those individuals that have registered with the Denton County Sheriff's Office are listed on this web site.  Information on sex offenders residing within a city should be directed to the police department of that city or to the Texas Department of Public Safety.  If you live within city limits, click here for more offender lists. You may email any inquiries to Sgt. Larry Kish.

Individuals are listed by zip code (Click on the zip code)


Last Updated on 4/11/2014

If your zip code is not listed, click here for more sex offenders lists

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