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Sheriff’s Office police academy approved

The Denton County Sheriff’s Office has received approval from the state to operate its own police academy beginning in April.


The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education agency (TCLEOSE) approved the Sheriff’s Office application to operate a police academy at its quarterly commission meeting in Austin Friday, March 3.


The Denton County Sheriff’s Academy will offer three three-month block sections throughout the academy year, after which the student will be eligible to take the state basic law enforcement officer examination.


Attendance will be restricted to Sheriff’s Office employees. Tuition will cost students $250 for each block. In addition, students will furnish their own uniforms, weapons and supplies.


The school will be the only part-time day academy operating in the state. Most part-time academies hold evening classes.


Being a detention officer is typically a first step in a law enforcement officer career, said Lieutenant Lin Jones, Denton County Sheriff’s Office Training and Career Development coordinator.


“Most detention officers aspire to a law enforcement career, and this will support their development and make it easier for our employees to balance career and family responsibilities,” she said.


Sheriff Benny Parkey said the academy is another step in increasing the professionalism of the Sheriff’s Office.


“This will not only increase the level of professionalism for our current employees, but elevate the quality of job applicants, also,” he said.


“Anytime we can increase competence, integrity and professionalism in law enforcement, we help make Denton County a better and safer place to raise families,” Sheriff Parkey said.


Denton Police Chief Charles Wiley was supportive of the academy when he heard the news.


“This will benefit not only the Sheriff’s Office, but at some point in time it could benefit us and other agencies,” Chief Wiley said. “We look forward to helping out any way we can.”


For more information on The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education, a state regulatory agency charged with the responsibility of establishing, implementing, and maintaining standards for peace officers, county corrections officers, and emergency communications personnel, go to on the Internet.

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