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Sheriff’s SWAT team receives specialized training

Members of the SWAT section of the Denton County Sheriff’s Office Tactical Team attended an advanced close-quarter battle and special skills course at the Combat Shooting and Tactics school in Nacogdoches last month. The three-day course, which was specially designed for the team’s needs, included classes in hostage and officer rescue, exterior and interior movement, deliberate and emergency assaults, vehicle and bus assaults, and medical. The course, which ran from September 24-27, also included live-fire tactical scenarios.

“Our SWAT team is second to none in the state, and advanced training and practice ensures that our team knows what to do in dangerous situations when mere seconds can make a difference in the safety of the officers and the public,” Captain Mike Caley said. “Responding to emergency situations is not an area where we can rest on our laurels, so honing our tactical skills and practicing working together as a team are critical to maintaining our ability to fulfill our sworn mission of protecting and serving the citizens of Denton County.”

Owner and Tactical Instructor Paul Howe, who served 20 years in the U.S. Army, 10 of those in Special Operations, said the training course the SWAT team went through was not an “off-the-shelf”, regularly-scheduled class, but custom tailored for the needs of the team and its individual members.

“This course consisted of tactical leadership training along with individual and team tactical skills to meet the growing and diverse threats encountered on the streets,” he said.

Howe also had kind words for the dedication and effort of the team members.

“The Denton County Sheriff's Office tactical team is one of the few I see which seek to maintain excellence by pushing themselves to seek higher training and not settling for mediocrity,” he said.

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